The Other Side of Gravity by Shelly Crane

“My name is Maxton and I’m a trader.

I live on a soulless planet where gravity, oxygen, and everything else are sold to the highest bidder on the black market. People are sold on the black market, too. You have to work really hard not to become one of those people. Pay your taxes, keep your friends and family close, and more than anything else—don’t get caught by the Militia. But all the rules changed for me the day I found her.

My name is Sophelia and I’m a stowaway.

I’ve been a slave for almost as long as I can remember. Waiting for the one day, one second, for my proprietor to turn his head so I could run and never look back. Now I’m on the run. And on a planet where no one is on your side and people would turn you in for a good meal or a piece of a silver, being on the run on Landu is the last place you want to be. Until he found me.

I won’t survive without him.

I can’t breathe without her.”

-Synopsis from Goodreads

Hi guys! This is Allison. I started this book yesterday and I had high expectations. Those high expectations were crushed within an hour. I am sad my first review is going to be so negative, but this book cannot get anything better out of me.

“A diamond doesn’t know how much it’s worth; it’s just beautiful because it exists.”
Stars (Out of 10): 2
Overall Thoughts: I tried. I tried so hard. Perhaps it was my fault. I went into this expecting a beautiful Sci-Fi book with aspects of romance, preferably with a hate that turns to love over a reasonable period of time. Instead I got a book that could be confused with a lowkey young adult porn novel with an insta-love and very little plot. In fact, there was plot for chapter 1, but the rest of the plot didn’t start until I was 160 pages in, which is impressive because my copy only has 229 pages in it.

Caution: Spoilers Ahead  

The Good: The cover is beautiful, with it’s unique upside down font. Some of the quotes are amazing and can be made into inspirational posters or be captioned under pretty, filtered hipster photos.
The Bad: I have read better fanfiction than this book. I did not like the writing. While there was some beautiful quotes, some of the writing was borderline cringey. For example, at one point, Maxton said he wanted Sophelia to giggle when they make out, thinking it would be hot. I assure you, that would be the opposite of hot. Furthermore, I can actually say that the following is a quote from the book, “Hitler happens.” Likewise, the characters were not my favorite. Mostly because they could not decide what their personalities were. Similarly, the romance made me want to die. It’s always great to read how one would die for another when they knew each other for a week. Last, but not least, the plot only matters at the end. Speaking of the end, why is a guy who knew her for one day ready to end her life in a circle of revenge? Why does he care?
The Characters: As I said previously, I do not like the characters. It says a lot that the only character that I like is the talking doll.
The Plot: The plot is as elusive as the wind. We know there is a rebellion. We know Sophelia’s mom is involved. We know that Sophelia is the “savior.” But where is this important in the book? And why does the government want Sophelia so much? What did she do? Also, if she was such a public enemy, why isn’t it that important until the end.
The World Building: The world building is there and then not at best. While we learn much about the planet they live on and the oppressive government, we learn very little about the rebellion. We also learn details about life on their planet is confusing at best. All characters seem to wish for the good old Earth days, but it sounds like there hasn’t been Earth for a very long time. Likewise, they all have to avoid cursing, but if they grew up in a culture that couldn’t curse, surely the characters would not have that big of a deal with it.
The Stereotypical Tropes: Insta-Love, Special Girl, the Savior
The Favorite Character: Betty Ross, the talking doll
Buy it, Borrow it, Or Bin it: Bin It


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