United as One by Pittacus Lore

“The seventh and final book in the #1 New York Times bestselling I Am Number Four series! With United as One, this action-packed series comes to a surprising, breathtaking, and utterly satisfying conclusion. The Garde didn’t start this war, but they’ll do whatever it takes to end it once and for all. . . .

The Mogadorians have invaded Earth. Their warships loom over our most populated cities, and no country will risk taking them head on. The Garde are all that stand in the way, but they’ll need an army of their own to win this fight.

They’ve teamed up with the US military, but it might not be enough. The Garde need reinforcements, and they’ve found them in the most unexpected place. Teenagers from across the globe, like John Smith’s best friend, Sam, have developed abilities. So John and the others must get to them before the Mogs, because if they don’t their enemies will use these gifted teens for their own sinister plan.

But after all the Mogadorians have taken from John—his home, his family, his friends, and the person he loves most—he might not want to put any more lives in danger. He’s got nothing left to lose, and he’s just discovered he has been given an incredible new Legacy. Now he can turn himself into the ultimate weapon. So will he risk his life to save the world, or will he realize that power in numbers will save us all?”

-Synopsis taken from Goodreads

Hey guys! Meaghan here again! I’ve been reading so much lately, that these reviews just keep coming! This series was actually really close to my heart, as I’ve read this over the course of many years, which doesn’t happen often with series! I usually try to read the entire series at once, but this was an exception! Review down below!

“The Garde didn’t start this war, but they’ll do whatever it takes to end it once and for all.”

Stars (Out of 10): 9/10 stars

Overall Thoughts: This was definitely an amazing ending to one of my favorite series. It had closure, finality, yet still was completely action packed. I got to see the end result of all the trials these characters were put through, and how strong everyone became because of it. The final battle wasn’t easy still though, showing just how “immortal” Setrakus Ra was. We also learned more of how Lorien and Earth would coexist, as well as more history and details of both Ra’s plan, and of the Loric. We also saw how tough loss can be on characters, and we saw both John and Marina face the difficulties of going on when everything seems lost. Overall, a great ending that I truly loved, to a loved series I truly recommend.


The Good: I loved the (mostly complete) closure we got from both the story and the epilogue. I also liked how we saw the characters actually affected by all these events, and not have them just brush over them. I also enjoyed the final battle, and seeing the growth in everyone’s legacies and ability to control them. The plot was also really interesting, seeing the collapse of Ra’s army from the inside a bit, and having the human Garde play a role as well.

The Bad: I felt the book was very “John” centered. I know he was the main Garde we started out with, but I saw the others gain more spotlight in the other books, and grew to like them more than John even. I felt like we missed out on a lot of possible scenes from the POV of Nine or Marina or Sam, that would allow us to know them more. I felt more distanced from them in this book, almost as if their role had been played in the previous books, and were now just there to help John carry out “his” mission. Like Nine said, “When did we become the sidekicks?” This is the main reason this book did not receive a 10/10 from me.

The Characters: Both in the book and the series, I loved the growth we saw in the characters. From John being scared of the lowest Mogadorian, to the just blasting them left and right with their Legacies, they came a long way both physically and mentally. We also saw the characters realistically dealing with loss, rather than just brushing it off like it was no big deal, a common trait of books. We also saw Marina and John hadn’t ever fully “recovered” from their losses, which made a ton of sense.

The Plot: While I agree with others that it was slow and less action-packed in the beginning, I felt it set up the ending perfectly. We still saw tons of action in the battles that did take place, even if the build-up was longer for them.

The Favorite Character: I still really love Six, and I liked Sam more because of this book.
Buy it, Borrow it, or Bin it: Buy it!


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