We’re Back!

Hey guys! Meaghan here (and Allison!), back from our mini hiatus! It came kinda out of nowhere, and we’re very sorry about that!

Recently, both of us have started college, and the tide of new work and experiences completely swamped us! While we have been reading, we haven’t been able to find the time, or motivation, to write reviews for the past few months.

We decided to make some changes to how we do reviews, making them less structured, but still just as full of opinion and content! Instead of having multiple sections in both our spoiler and spoiler free portions, we are instead having just a section for spoilers, and just one for spoiler free. This allows us much more freedom in writing our reviews, and removes the repetition of information that sometimes occurred in the old format!

Both of us have found more time in our schedules, and with the holidays coming up, we should have tons more time to read. I will also be periodically uploading reviews for the books I’ve read in the past few months, as I find I still have much I want to say about some of those reads!

Thanks to everyone for sticking with us, we are extremely happy to be back!